Friday, June 1, 2012

The Alternative Party......Verse and Worse

You Can Watch The Jubilee. I'm off to Hebden Bridge

Everybody is out there partying for the Queen
420 million quid or so it would seem.
I'm not being funny
But that's a lot of money we could have spent
In another way on a different day.

But we don't care....
We're gonna party.

So we shall take our pennies to Hebden and party with our mates
Blues and stuff and beer and laughs
And bangers and pies on plates.
We don't need bloody bunting and flags
We don't need no fancy balloons
We've already got all the best musicians and all the best tunes

See.... we don't care....
We're gonna party.

We've got the Women in Blues and Todd and Ben
And Stuart and Paddy and Marcus (twice)
And did I mention the Women in Blues
Yes I did but they're worth watching more than once, nice.
To say nothing of the juke joint bands
Blowing us crazy with magic hands.

So...we don't care
We're gonna party

On the Blue Horizon and Picture House stages
There is talent you'll remember for ages and ages
All of it Royal, some of it Bonnie, Bluekings too,
Some of it handsome and shiny and new
And they all turned up specially to do it for you.
Hooson and Dac, Sharon and Lewis.
Oh Cherry, oh Cherry, Angelo, Angelo
Where shall we turn, where shall we go?

I told you....We don't care
We're gonna party

Fran and Barebones, the Boogies and Mitch
Idle and Fuschi and Lucy and Jen
Don't have a Union Jack between them
Or a teapot or cushion or monogrammed pen
But they've come to the Bridge
- Sod the one hand clapping -
This will be Real Blues Zen.

We are definitely gonna party....

The Revelators with hats, the 844s
Eastwood Station, Steamhouse and The Crosscut Saws
How will we cope without a table in the road
And ticker tape ribbons and three coloured woad?
Well, we'll Idle and Rabbit and Monitor our day
Something Blue and Babajack will have their say
Or maybe Tom and Dave will blow us away.

Did I say party?

So we bring you Rhythm and the Binsness and Boneyard
There will be Poplar and Bridgewater and Gosh
This next bit is gonna be real hard
And Then.......And Then
We'll play our Trump Card...
The Midnight Jam will finish the Day
The Naughty Maguire will have his wicked way....

(Dedicated to the hard working Mr J Elliott and Mr P Maguire and their crew and all those fabulous blues musicians who have come to Hebden to entertain us and share their talent.
Apologies to all poets living, not living very well, dead or nearly dead with or without CDs...)

Gotta go and bedeck me Hat now....

Pip Pip!
The Man in The Hat